WATCH BACK "Print Global with our Connected Apps" 18 Feb 2020

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WATCH BACK "Print Global with our Connected Apps" 18 Feb 2020

In this webinar you will learn how to order print products directly from any application on your desktop, connect your WooCommerce store, integrate with Zapier to receive real time notifications and much more.

Part 1 - Getting started with WooCommerce: 

9_Getting started with WooCommerce-1

Part 2 - WordPress plugin installation: 

10_WordPress plugin installation

Part 3 -WooCommerce plugin installation: 

11_WooCommerce plugin installation

Part 4 - Cloupdrinter WooCommerce plugin installation:

12_Cloupdrinter WooCommerce plugin installation

Part 5 - Cloudprinter plugin settings Part 1:

13_CloudPrinter plugin settings Part 1

Part 6 - Cloudprinter plugin settings Part 2:

14_CloudPrinter  plugin settings Part 2

Part 7 - Set and sell first print products: 

15_Set and sell first products

Part 8 - Price check of print products: 

16_Price check-1


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