3 Easy Ways to Automate Your Printing Needs Without Coding

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3 Easy Ways to Automate Your Printing Needs Without Coding

Automation continues to root into our lives simplifying marketing, support, financial, and other daily business/personal activities. For one, 75% of marketers are already using automation in their strategies, 63% are looking to increase their automation budgets, while 40% of those who haven't used it yet are planning to adopt automation soon.

Although automation aims to simplify things, the setup isn’t always effortless and requires IT pros’ involvement. Striving to change that, we’ve developed our codeless solutions enabling seamless integration with Cloudprinter.com in e-commerce store setup, workflow automation, and single order placement verticals.

In this blog post, we're going to tell you how these easy-to-use global print solutions will help you foster your business growth. With Cloudprinter.com apps and plugins, you can print almost anywhere in the world in a few clicks (we print and deliver as locally as possible across 104 countries) and cut your time on mundane tasks.

Your benefits from printing via Cloudprinter.com.

Collected under one Print Cloud 'umbrella’, our apps and ready-to-go e-commerce and CRM plugins are helping webshop owners to proceed first print product orders straight after a few-minute configuration.

Advertising agents, designers, (self)publishers, and individual customers can order prints from their browsers and desktops immediately after specifying what kind of product is needed.

Enterprise businesses can automate their direct mailing needs or marketing materials supplement for branches by printing directly from business communication tools or file hosting services.

Our global printing platform offers 3 types of ‘No API’ solutions able to fulfill your print needs without time- and effort-consuming integrations:

  1. Connected Apps
  2. Cloudprinter.com Apps
  3. Automation Tools

1. Connected Apps

Cloudprinter.com apps for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and other e-commerce platforms will help you grow your e-business and increase your revenue by offering a wider range of products, shorter delivery time, and entering new markets simply and easily.

Learn what are the advantages of connecting your webshop to Cloudprinter.com.

Getting your Shopify store connected to your Cloudprinter.com account and setting up the products takes just several minutes in the Shopify dashboard.

Connect your Shopify store to Cloudprinter.com in a few simple steps.

Cloudprinter.com integration with Shopify lets you:

  • Show live shipping options to your customers
  • Set margins on the shipping prices
  • Automate order submission to Cloudprinter.com/release submissions manually
  • Get production updates back and inform your customers on the fly.

Activate Shopify integration with Cloudprinter.com now or learn more about it from our simple guides.

Cloudprinter.com integration with WooCommerce can bring benefits to your WordPress-based online store. The installation process is simple — you add a plugin at the website backend and put a tick ‘Cloudprinter.com product’ while configuring print products. The items are then linked to Cloudprinter.com templates directly from the shopping cart and are available for automated printing without your involvement.

Connect your online WooCommerce store to Cloudprinter.com.

With Cloudprinter.com WooCommerce integration you can:

  • Show your customers live shipping options
  • Set a margin on the shipping prices
  • Automate submission of orders to Cloudprinter.com or release them manually
  • Receive production updates back
  • Inform your customers on the fly with update emails.

Download our WooCommerce plugin now or read more about how to use it here.

2. Cloudprinter.com Apps

Cloudprinter.com has developed Cloudprinter Express and Quick Order apps to make global printing for designers, individual customers, and small agencies even easier. No matter if you want to print one photo book or 5K flyers per week, our apps will help you manage your orders seamlessly.

With Cloudprinter Express you get access to our Global Print Network, which allows you to make print orders directly from your desktop all over the world. No API integration and programming are needed.

Install Cloudprinter Express — our desktop app.

To create a print order, you simply need to drag and drop your PDF file to Cloudprinter Express. Cloudprinter Express will generate a certified PDF and send it straight to our Print Cloud.

You can download Cloudprinter Express now or read more about the app installation, order configuration, and submission in our simple how-to guides.

Quick Order is another app we've created to ease the order placement process —— now, you don't even need to leave your web browser to source print orders all around the world.

Install Quick Order — our web application.

Simply provide your product details, upload a PDF file/set a link to your file, and push the order to Cloudprinter.com straight from your web browser!

Start using Quick Order now or learn more on how to configure a print order in Quick Order here.

3. Workflow Automation Tools

In this regard, we have two approaches that may simplify the order placement routine. Our integration with Zapier allows you to print anywhere directly from your favorite apps by connecting them to Cloudprinter.com.

While our plugin for one of the most popular customer relationship management systems Zoho CRM+ gets you covered when you need to send different orders to many destinations or supply your subsidiaries with marketing materials.

Zapier provides quick access to our Print Cloud, enabling you to use 2K+ connected apps such as Dropbox, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, MailChimp, and many others. Simplify the printing even further by eliminating the routine and managing your orders without leaving your favorite tools and apps.

Learn how to use Zapier and create a Zap for printing via Cloudprinter.com.

Here are just a few examples of how can ready-to-go Zaps by Cloudprinter.com help you with your printing needs:

The integration with Zapier is free, so don't hesitate to start using it now! Apart from the existing Zaps you can also create your own and share them with us.

It takes you only a few minutes with our step-by-step guides.

You can also use Zoho CRM+ integration with Cloudprinter.com, which will help you bring an even better experience to your customers across all stages of their lifecycle.

Learn how to integrate with Zoho CRM+ without coding.

Our plugin for Zoho CRM+ can automate your corporate print needs’ fulfilment. Large companies print and send a lot of print products to clients regularly. For example, you need to send out greeting cards to your clients during seasonal holidays.

The traditional centralized process is too complex — you compile the list of recipients, prepare postcards for print manually, print them in your city, and only then send out each one to a separate address.

Cloudprinter.com integration with Zoho CRM+ lets you simplify the process considerably. You don't even need to leave Zoho CRM+ — set up the Cloudprinter.com product with a postcard template, add a list of contacts with addresses and in one click save hours of work.

You can also create direct mail lists and print them in 104 countries locally, order marketing materials for branches or manage your book sales.

Activate Zoho CRM+ integration now or learn more about how to use Cloudprinter.com integration with Zoho CRM+ in our knowledge-based articles.

Why Choose Our Print Cloud?

In today’s fast-moving world, we know that every minute is valuable and we want to spare it for you. Our Print Cloud is the simplest available way to print your products all around the world with no need for coding — each of the app connections takes just a few minutes to set up freeing you from irksome talks and making room for creativity. You can manage it all on your own in a few simple steps!

Besides, the Cloudprinter.com pricing model allows you to print products at the most reasonable local prices and set your margin on the products you sell globally.

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