Zoho CRM Plus Integration

One click integration


Zoho CRM Plus & Cloudprinter.com


Zoho CRM Plus is a unified customer experience platform that helps you deliver an exceptional experience to every customer across all stages of their lifecycle and convert them into brand advocates.

Our Zoho CRM Plus + Cloudprinter.com Zapier Integration allows you to use all the features of our platform directly from Zoho CRM +. No coding or custom development needed. Create Direct Mail lists and print them locally in 104 countries, manage your marketing materials for branches, or manage your global book sales.

Setup timeQuick 
Pricefree + print cost
Usersbusinesses, project managers, team leads, account managers 

How does it work

Connect your store with Cloudprinter

Connect your Zoho CRM Plus account with Cloudprinter.com

Create a new account on Cloudprinter.com or choose an existing one.
Connect your store with Cloudprinter

Connect templates to Cloudprinter.com

It takes just a few steps to link your books, mugs, or any other item to Cloudprinter product templates.
Cloudprinter.com do a price check Icon

Check prices

Make a price check in Cloudprinter.com dashboard for the product and shipping

Start printing worldwide

Send your books, marketing materials, etc straight from each CRM record or lists you created and print them locally in 104 countries.

Expand Your Vision with Cloudprinter.com

Integrating Cloudprinter.com Print API with Zoho CRM Plus is the next logical step towards exploiting this technology’s full potential. 


We make it possible for your company to take full control over the sales process, execute product management and stay up-to-date by receiving real-time updates, all from one intuitive dashboard.

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