The best way to integrate as a Print partner

Print Partners running with Enfocus Switch as their workflow solution are our level 1 preferred Print Partners. The Cloudprinter APP, available in the Enfocus Appstore reduce the time to set up and is a full integration with our Production API for our Print Partners. 

The APP comes as a bundle of 6 direct integration apps for your Switch Workflow, each performing a single task like receiving an order, downloading production files and signaling statuses back to Cloudprinter.

Utilize your perfect workflow setup to grow in print volume

Be in the forefront of the innovation in the print industry

digital printing API

Enfocus helps printers worldwide with programmable workflow solutions which realize better profits by removing common errors, automate time consuming tasks and helping them to bring together multiple systems into one reliable workflow solution for leading Print Service Providers around the globe.

Offset print api

The Cloudprinter App was developed in cooperation with Enfocus. To make sure the app works without flaws and addresses all the needs, we would like to invite mutual customers who like to be in the forefront of the innovation in the print industry.

post and canvas print api solution for web2print

The Cloudprinter APP for Enfocus Switch comes with integrated webhooks to exchange real-time order status back to our global customers. Signals like item registered and item shipped can be added directly into your workflow

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