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Can I pay in other currencies than Euro?
We have the option to make sure payments can be received or shown in; Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Polish Zloty, and the United States Dollar. If you have questions on how to set this up, you are always welcome to contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via chat or email; info@cloudprinter.com
What does Cloudprinter.com do?
We are an online print platform that makes print on demand available and accessible in the entire world! We have built a vast network with local productions against wholesale pricing. We made it easy for any company who needs print to connect with us, and use the solution to become unstoppable! Do you have print-ready files for the printers? We have the templates and the network for you! Our smart algorithm will send your order within 14 milliseconds to the most local production facility near your customer! No more borders, customs, language barriers, taxes, negotiations, shipping issues, and long waiting test runs to stop you. We are the all-in-one fulfillment platform! And an added bonus of reducing the carbon footprint in the world by stopping traditional centralized printing and drop-shipping. If you have question about this, please contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team by chat or email; info@cloudprinter.com
In which countries do we ship?
We offer local production around the world, if we cannot produce something in a certain country our algorithm will divert it to the next most local facility in the network that can produce your product. It might also be that the partner in that country can produce it but that we need to activate this product. Reach out to our 24/7 customer care team to get help, via the chat or email; info@cloudprinter.com
Can I track the shipping of my order?
Yes, as long as you have chosen for a tracked parcel option when placing the order. Once an order is send out from the local facility, you will receive the tracking link and a tracking number. This information is also show in the Cloudprinter Dashboard in the section ''Order Overview'' in “My Orders” area. Filter in numerous ways or simply select the desired order and click on “view order details”. If you have set up your shop via one of our connected apps or direct via the API, and your web hooks are set up, you will also receive everything in the backend of your store. If you have questions about this, you are always welcome to contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team via the chat or email; info@cloudprinter.com