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Each folded brochure is a single sheet of folded paper that can be used as marketing and advertising material for any occasion. Create a fun and easy-to-read pamphlet or product list with our boundless folded brochuress. Perfect for presentations, conferences, and business activities. Our folded brochure are great for sharing product information, menu items, catalogs, and important business details because we offer different fold and paper options as well as different finishing options on the front or front and back.

148 x 105 mm - 279 x 432 mm


half-fold, gate-fold, roll-fold, z-fold, w-fold


lamination matt, gloss, no product finishing


landscap, portrait, square

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Can I order Samples?
Yes, at any time you can order samples. Create an account first, choose the product, upload your file and order a sample without any integration or coding. If you have questions about this, you are always welcome to contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via chat or email.
How long does it take for production and delivery?
You can find all standardised global service level agreement on our website page ''production and shipping'', depending on the shipping method you choose in your order, you can calculate how many days it takes for your customer to receive his or her parcel. The mentioned days are business days from Monday to Friday. In other regions in the world, like in the Middle East, the working week starts from Sunday till Thursday. If you have questions about any of this, contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team via the chat or email;
What delivery options do you offer?
We have various shipping methods to choose from: - Postal (untracked) - Ground Express - Saver Express - Fast Express - Next day delivery. Delivery time are featured on our production and shipping page on you will find this in the top banner. If you have any questions about this, contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team via chat or email;
How does ensure quality?
We choose, and have always chosen our partners carefully. We have tested our partners extensively before we let them into our print network. We are so sure about the quality, that we even have a reorder function available to ensure, that if a mistake is made by a print facility, (and we are all human beings) the partner will reprint it at their own cost, so your customers are satisfied. There is no evidence needed! If you have questions about any of this, contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team via the chat or email;
Which file formats do we accept?
We require for almost every product a print-ready PDF X-4 file. The only case we need another file type is for small Photo prints. For Photo prints, we require a JPEG. in an archived zip file to be added to the order. If you have any questions about this, contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via chat or email;
What do I need to know when creating my print file?
When creating your print ready file for the entire world, there are some points to check. We have collected all the necessary information for you in our checklist! if you cannot find the checklist, reach out to our 24/7 Customer Succes Team by chat or email;
What kind of finishings are available?
If you have a product that should have a finishing you can choose standard between matt or a glossy lamination and in some cases a soft touch lamination. If you would like your paper to be coated, we offer machine coated silk (which gives a matte effect), and machine coated gloss. If you have any questions about this, contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team via chat or email.
Do you check the color accuracy of uploaded print files?
No, we do not validate this. Our platform requires print ready files, if a specific color output is requested for branding, then the color profile is one of the ''not-to-forget'' things to embed into your PDF files, before you order your print with us. If you have more questions about the, you can always contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team by chat, or email;

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