Online Dashboard.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard As An Web-Interface Around All Our APIs and Apps.

Your personal, friendly & easy-to-use dashboard.

Your guide in printing with

The CloudAdmin management dashboard gives you full control and access to manage your print job overview and history, workflow configuration and organisation details. 

Build as a web-interface on our core print platform, you can access any data available in our Cloud directly in your browser. Set up routing rules, link your products, manage your organisation and users, retrieve pricing and product options, and much more. 

The Dashboard provides a detailed overview of all 500+ products that are pre-configured in our Print Cloud, including the prices, sizes and shipping options for each of them.

The dashboard to give you full control

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Full control from your browser with amazing features

Processes are completely automated with

Extensive configuration possibilities

Setup your print job routing rules or use pre-defined Cloudprinter print routing profiles. Enable product & shipping options for print on demand jobs. Activate countries or regions and much more.
Webhooks and mail signals to stay always up to date of the status of your order

Setup webhooks and realtime signals

Our platform provides real-time notifications on the status of your order so you are always up-to-date. Activate live signals to be integrated into your publishing, CRM or e-commerce platform to keep your customers up to date about the production & shipping status.
Technical support available right on the spot to help you with any problems

Setup and manage organisational details

Setup and manage your organisation details & configure your own product plan and service levels. Create users and accounts, and manage access levels. Audit your payments or download your invoices, and much more.
Friendly online web administrator to manage your account

Dynamic dashboard and WIP reporting

Full control about your print jobs with realtime reporting in your dynamic dashboard. Downloadable reports and detailed order statuses. WIP reporting to keep track of your interactions with
Realtime and transparent print pricing to be competitive in every market

Realtime price quoting

Request realtime quotations in your dashboard. Get a price instantly & save the identifier to guarantee your price for 48 hours. Transparent pricing: You always know what you pay. We do not add a margin on top of the production costs. Just a tiny little job fee. 

Secured API platform and stable performance globally

Secured environment

Secure login environment and a protected payment system. Print jobs submitted to our print partners are tacked and encrypted to avoid fraudulent actions.