Best dashboard experience

Manage and analyse your orders with our easy-to-use dashboard. 

Overview platform

Your personal dashboard

  1. Control and manage your print jobs history, workflow configuration, and organization details.

  2. Access all data directly in your browser.

  3. Set up routing rules, link your products, manage your organization, check pricing and product options.

  4. Check 5000+ pre-configured products in our platform.

Manage your global fulfillment

The basics

Set up webhooks and real-time signals

Our platform provides real-time notifications on the status of your order. Be always up to date.


Real-time price calculator

Request real-time quotations and always be sure what you pay.

Your Desktop

Manage company details

Set up and manage your company details, configure your products, add users and define access levels.

Proven print platform

Ability to handle more than 40.000 Print calls a minute. TLS encrypted communications.

Intuitive dashboard and WIP reporting

You have full control of your print orders. Track with real-time reporting and detailed order statuses.