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At we connect Print Customers with Print Partners across the world. Every day 100's of new print corporate customers are joining our global print cloud to source their print needs to local print partners in almost any country around the world. Start today as a print partner of us and benefit from our growing print volume!

Why you should join today as a print service provider

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Fill your presses

Receive orders from our print customers around the world. All via one connection. No sales efforts needed, our Print Cloud routes the print jobs to your print house based on your pricing, location, and performance. 

Full api Integration

EASY to start

Receive your first print orders in just a few days from now. Connect to our platform, set your pricing and shipping options, run a quality test and go live!

500+ product templates

Print what you do best

You activate the products you print the best. No matter if you are a large format printer, print on demand provider, or a commercial printer. Our products are standardized and no need to keep a large stock of different paper types.
Disruptive print pricing

Pricing that works

Set your own pricing and tweak it to grow in volume. We believe every partner of ours should earn a fair income. Therefore our routing is not only based on pricing, but also on quality and performance.



Setup your Cloudprinter Print Partner account

Create a new account on, set your product pricing, shipping options and production capabilities. 


Connect your Print House with

Test the connection, run a sample test, and ship it for approval. Sign the agreement and go live. 


Receive print orders from our customers

While onboarding and integrating with Enfocus Switch, you can already start getting orders via our order portal.


Print & Ship the orders as soon as you can

Production time is key for our customers. The faster you print & ship, the more the volume you will receive. 


Get paid for the shipped orders

You will invoice us on the agreed time intervals as approved in the agreement. 


“We at Zeroplus Printers were looking for a way to extend our reach, Clouldprinter was the answer. Integration into our system with their print API was extremely easy and the level of automation made this a no-brainer.”

Vernon van Dyk Prepress Manager of Zeroplus Printers

Start now and upgrade to Enfocus Switch

By using our Industry Light connection, you are able to receive orders within a week from the moment you register as a new print partner. Industry Light is limited to 50 print orders a day per print partner. As soon as you are ready for the next step and get more print orders from us, we will work with you to get you connected via our Enfocus Switch integration for full automation and order exchange. No manual actions required, with our app for Enfocus Switch you receive our print orders straight into your print floor workflow. Read more about our Enfocus Switch integration here.

grow your print house volume
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How much print volume will I receive?

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Every print partner we connect enables our platform to grow. Till today the demand of our customers has been growing with double digits each month. Our sales and marketing team is monitoring every day the growth of our print network. We are making daily adjustments to our online marketing & advertisement budgets to make sure every print partner of us will benefit from the growth of our global print cloud platform.

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Does guarantee volume?

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No, we don't guarantee volume. Our routing algorithm routes print jobs to the most qualified print partner. Routing is based on location, pricing, and performance over the last 90 days. The lower returns or customer complaints, the more the print volume routed to print partners will go up

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How many print partners will connect?

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There is no number of maximum print partners we like to connect to our global print platform. As a disruptive multi-side platform, offer and demand grow almost equally together. We hadn't seen a drop in volume at connected print partners when we connected new print partners in nearly every country.

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