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We enable print customers to print on demand anywhere in the world, thanks to our growing global network of print providers. Connect to our platform once and start receiving print ready orders!

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Platform overview for print partners

Benefits that our print providers receive:

Less sales efforts






Less sales efforts


Receive orders free of charge from our customers, from anywhere around the globe, and keep your presses filled all year round.

Easy & fast onboarding






Easy & fast onboarding


Our dedicated account managers, and technical onboarding experts, will provide you with easy onboarding from start to finish.

Fully automated order flow






Fully automated order flow

Forget about exchanging jobs and statuses with customers. Receive fully prepared PDF files for print - all via one connection!

Reasonable pricing






Reasonable pricing

We believe every partner in our network should earn a fair income. Therefore, our routing algorithm is not only based on pricing, but also on quality and performance. we do not add any margin on top of your pricing.

How does it work

Let's introduce ourselves

Let's introduce ourselves!

In this process, we'll outline the further steps for onboarding and time frames.
Pricing and set up

Pricing and set up

Verify the competitiveness of your print house, set up pricing and fulfillment options.
Signing the contract

Signing the contract

Get acquainted with the agreement and sign it.
Technical integration

Technical integration

Choose the solution that fits you best: Industry Light, Enfocus Switch, HP Site Flow, full API integration with
Test the order fulfilment workflow

Test the order fulfilment workflow

Run an end-to-end test to ensure everything from receiving an order to shipping works well.
Go live!

Go live!

You'll receive a monthly production invoice report taken from your production account.
Genius Book Publishing
“When I realized that I needed to go global, and in order to get the gig, I had to solve the problem of selling everywhere. Everywhere that you can print and ship I wanted to be able to do that.”

Steven W. Booth

Founder and CEO Genius Books Publishing

“Working with Cloudprinter has been a really good match for PixxiBook. API integration was very straight-forward and pretty consistent. We especially appreciate the webhook logs and retry capabilities. On the few occasions when we needed assistance, Cloudprinter’s team provided us with prompt and helpful assistance. I really like the concept of Print API, so it is a good fit for our business.”

Tim Edmonds

Creator, Developer, and Marketer at PixxiBook

“We at Zeroplus Printers were looking for a way to extend our reach, Clouldprinter was the answer. Integration into our system with their print API was extremely easy and the level of automation made this a no-brainer.”

Vernon Van Dyk

Prepress manager at Zeroplus Printers

GLD print & media
"We get orders [from], somedays we get more than one thousand orders."

Roy Everts

Owner Gld print & media

Schatzl print emotions
"Global brands want to order centrally but produce decentrally. This particular concept enables us to service brands that we would never get."

Ulrich Schätzl

CEO at Schätzl

Start now and upgrade to Enfocus Switch

By using our Industry Light connection, you are able to receive orders within a week from the moment you register as a new print partner. Industry Light is limited to 50 print orders a day per print partner. 


As soon as you are ready for the next step and get more print orders from us, we will work with you to get you connected via our Enfocus Switch integration for full automation and order exchange. 


No manual actions are required, with our app for Enfocus Switch you receive our print orders straight into your print floor workflow. Read more about our Enfocus Switch integration here.


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Does guarantee volume?
The volume coming your way is dictated by our smart routing algorithm, it routes print jobs to the most qualified and most local print partner near the end-customer. The algorithm has 32 parameters, and the performances of all printer partners in the network are updated every 90 days. The better service you provide, the more products you have, and more automated you are, the more volume you can receive. Questions about this? Contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via the live chat, or email;
How many print partners are connected to
The amount of active print partners is constantly changing, but on average we have 170 active print partners in 104 countries and we want to grow further. Questions about this? Contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via the live chat, or email;
What is the perfect number of print partners for
There is no maximum number of partners we would like in our print network, everybody has their specialty, and not every print facility is allowed in, as we test your quality, and automation level. Questions about this? Contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via the live chat, or email;
How many products should I connect?
We highly recommend adding as many products as possible. The more products you open up for the network, the more volume you can receive from multiple businesses. That way we can fill your presses all year round. Questions about this? Contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via the live chat, or email;
When do I get paid?
At the end of each month, you can check the fulfilled orders in the print partner dashboard on These are orders that are sent out to their final destination. After we have your confirmation that the overview is correct, our financial department will pay you by bank transfer. Questions about this? Contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via the live chat, or email;
How much does it cost to become a partner in your network?
It is FREE. Questions about this? Contact our 24/7 Customer Success Team via the live chat, or email;

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