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WooCommerce is an all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow your business.

Our WooCommerce + Cloudprinter.com integration allows you to add specific and high-standard print on demand products to sell on your website. The process is simple and it doesn't require any coding.

Setup timeQuick 
Pricefree + print cost
Usersbusinesses, designers, creators 

How does it work

Laptop on white background create Cloudprinter Account Icon

Create Cloudprinter.com Account

Before getting started, create a free Cloudprinter.com account.
Download WooCommerce Plugin

Download WooCommerce Plugin

Download our easy-to-use WooCommerce Plugin and upload it to your WooCommerce Store.
WooCommerce Instructions Icon white

Follow the Instructions

See the guidelines 'how to install WooCommerce Plugin' and follow the step-by-step guide to get started within minutes.
Cloudprinter.com do a price check Icon

Do a Price Check

Link your products to our product templates and do a price check. Add your margin on top and you are ready to go.
Cloudprinter add payment method Icon

Add Payment Method

You need to add a payment method in the dashboard in order to get a sample or start selling.
Cloudprinter Sandbox and Go live Icon

Test in Sandbox and Go Live

Make sure everything is working smoothly in Sandbox mode. Check the workflow and do some test orders. Congratulations! You are ready to go live.

Grow your product catalogue with Cloudprinter.com

WooCommerce devotes its resources to ensuring that you can build your website, exactly to your expectations. We at Cloudprinter.com understand that you can’t have the best website in town, without having the best products on the market. 


That’s why we have put together a catalogue of +50000 high-quality products, ready to print anywhere, at any time.


To get started - access our knowledge base, tutorials, and documentation via our website.
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