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Pain Point


“The” booking platform for vacation rentals saw its customer satisfaction declining throughout a period of rapid growth. They found statistical evidence in their Data, saying: The higher the density of vacation apartments the lower customer happiness. They had the Hypothesis: Landlords care less about cleaning and overall customer satisfaction, the more they feel anonymous and not important inside the community.  

Pain Points - Brands
Solution - Brands




They decided to build a reward program for their rental partners based on performance. They used a closed shop, integrated Cloudprinter.com, and picked 20 high-quality branded merchandise products. Each rental partner was allowed to choose one product every 6 months, but only if they've managed to receive +95% positive customer reviews. On top of that, they created a special category only for the best-rated hosts.


Turned out their rental partners started loving to identify with their brand, leading to stronger brand awareness and more revenue. Cloudprinter.com is managing and shipping the rewards all around the world and their employees love, especially the high quality. Build relationships with your customers, partners, and employees and become an industry leader in no time.

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