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Pain Point


One of the most versatile publishers in the world was looking for a solution to improve its corporate social responsibility and get rid of inefficiency. They were working with a handful of printers in three different countries. They were warehousing their products in three different warehouses and then shipped them around the world.

That was highly inefficient, cost-intensive, and polluting. With that being in mind, this company decided to pave the way for the future. 

Cloudprinter for Publishing




They had to switch step-by-step from offset to on-demand production. Doing this incremental helped the company a lot to build trust in the new production and workflow. After some testing weeks, they were ready to grow.


They started publishing more titles and expanded their global reach. At the same time, they reduced their carbon emissions and became again the industry leader they used to be a few decades ago. You don’t need to print thousands of books at once. Integrating with our Print API, you are enabled to monetize your backlog catalog, reduce financial risks, and cut import taxes as well as delivery times.

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