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Our integration with Zapier brings a wide range of new functionalities to Magento. Send any order from Magento to our Print Cloud for local printing and shipping. Receive automated production updates to inform you customers. 

  • Price:Free
  • Publisher:Cloudprinter Native App / Zapier Required
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Experience the full Print Cloud features with Magento

The possibilities are endless when you combine our Zapier integration with Magento. Turn you E-Commerce shop into a global webshop with local fulfilment to serve customers anywhere in the world. Receive back production updates and share them instantly with your customers. Our integration for Magento comes in Zapier as a a ready to go Zap. 


Cloudprinter Native APP & Zapier integration

The plugin for Zapier and the zaps for Google drive are build by the Cloudprinter team. We are available anytime to help you to set it up and love to learn which functionality we need to add in next releases for Zapier and Google Drive. 

My Web2print business has gone global since adding The Print Cloud to my magento backend


Full knowledge base, video and forum documentation is available to help you getting started. 

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