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Shopify is the leading hosted (SaaS) E-Commerce platform. With the native Cloudprinter integrtion with Shopify you can benefit from all the Global Print Cloud features directly from Shopify. 
  • Price:Free
  • Publisher:Cloudprinter Native App
  • Available:Instant

Full Print Cloud Functionality in Shopify

Link your books, Web2print products or any other item you sell to Cloudprinter product templates directly from the Shopify dashboard. Show live shipping options to your customers and set a margin on the shipping prices. Go for automated order submission to Cloudprinter or release them manual. Receive production updates back and inform your customers on the fly with a status update email. 

Cloudprinter Native APP

The plugin for Shopify is built by the Cloudprinter team. We are available anytime to help you to set it up and love to learn which functionality we need to add in next releases. 

My web2print shops has been growing 40% a month since i offer global shipping



Full knowledge base, video and forum documentation is available to help you getting started. 

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