Case Study: How PixxiBook Benefits from Our Global Print API?

Case Studies • June 4, 2019 • 7 min read

We talked with Tim Edmonds, PixxiBook Creator, Developer, and Marketer, and found out how API helped his Web2Print business go global

Case Study: How PixxiBook Benefits from Our Global Print API?

We talked with Tim Edmonds,  PixxiBook Creator, Developer, and Marketer, and found out how API  helped his Web2Print business go global. Keep reading to learn what the most common challenges faced by Web2Print companies are, and how helps to solve them. 

The Challenge

Your app is built, you are putting effort into your online marketing activities, and you are in touch with a local print house to fulfill the orders from your great new Web2Print application. Connecting the bits of your new app to the atoms of printing presses turns out to be a real challenge for most Web2Print providers. Spending hours of integration discussions with your partner, and when it's finally live and you grow, you want to expand and add new partners.


"I really like the concept of Print API, so it is a good fit for our business. We especially appreciate the webhook logs and retry capabilities."


Step by step the fulfillment part of your app or service starts to become a mess. Print partners will come and go, each of them with different print settings and you might spend hours on Skype discussing operations with your print partners around the world.

We’ve been there and we know that these factors delay your ambitious growth plans. When your map seems to be successful, you want and need to scale up as quickly as possible.


“Working with has been a really good match for PixxiBook. API integration was very straightforward and pretty consistent."


The Solution

At we serve the most successful startups in the online print world with our easy-to-work global print API. Connect to a global print network as a part of the chain of solutions you use to build your businesses. MailChimp for your newsletters, Hubspot for your CRM and inbound marketing, and for your global fulfillment.

Easily route print jobs to almost any country in the world and reroute when needed. Market the benefits of local printing to your customers in terms of lower shipping rates, faster delivery, and reduced carbon emissions to become even more eco-friendly.

PixxiBook is a successful Web2Print startup that offers personalized on-demand printed books. PixxiBook can transform your blog into a Real Book with ease. Their growth has been significant over the past year and they were looking for a print API solution to handle their increasing amount of print jobs.


"When we needed assistance,’s team provided us with prompt and helpful assistance.”


PixxiBook uses the webhooks from to keep their customers up to date with the production and shipping status, reducing emails, tickets, and calls from customers.

Remember that if you want to make your company more successful and recognizable in other countries, you need reliable and professional print partners worldwide. Join our network and go global!