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Simplifying Pricing for Success:'s New Tariff Structure

Article • November 22, 2023 • 5 min read

We've simplified our pricing model – no more job fees! Plus, enjoy exclusive print cost discounts for Business & Enterprise subscription plans. Ready to save more?

At, we're committed to evolving and enhancing our services to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Today, we're excited to announce a significant change in our pricing model that addresses the feedback we've received and aligns better with the demands of the print-on-demand world.


The Challenge with the Old Model


Previously, our pricing structure was composed of individual components: print rates, shipping costs, and a fixed Cloudprinter Fee. This model, though straightforward, sometimes led to disproportionate costs, especially for low-priced items. For instance, if a textbook costs €4 and our fixed fee was €2, the total price could become uncompetitive. This was particularly true for items with lower printing costs, such as greeting cards and calendars.


Listening to Our Customers


We've listened closely to our clients' feedback. Many expressed a preference for an all-inclusive price, making it easier to calculate costs and seamlessly integrate our repricing API with their shopping carts. Your insights are invaluable, and they've shaped our new pricing approach.


Introducing a New, Simpler Pricing Model


1. All-Inclusive Pricing: We're replacing the fixed Cloudprinter Fee with a minimal percentage markup. This adjustment ensures competitive pricing while maintaining the high-quality service you expect from


2. New Subscription Levels: We now offer two distinct subscription options:

    - Standard Subscription: Pay the print costs plus a small margin for Cloudprinter. This option is straightforward and transparent.

    - Enterprise Subscription: Pay a monthly Enterprise fee, eliminating transaction or other fees per print order. This is an ideal choice for high-volume clients or those wishing to connect their own printers to Cloudprinter.


Flexible Transition and Personalized Support


This new model is effective immediately. Current clients have the flexibility to migrate to the new model or continue with the old one. Our account managers are ready to assist, providing personalized analyses to determine the most beneficial option for each client.


Embracing Change for Better Service


This change reflects our commitment to your success. By simplifying our pricing structure and offering more tailored options, we aim to enhance your experience with, ensuring it remains the leading global print platform.