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How to Expand Your Art Business via Printing Locally?

Article • June 3, 2021 • 7 min read

Looking for ways to expand your business overseas and sell your art all over the world? Start selling your products globally via local printing today!

Looking for ways to expand your business overseas and sell your art all over the world? Start selling your products globally via local printing today! offers you an all-in-one solution that will make your art business global in no time. The platform has170+ print partners in 104 countries, allowing you to reach customers all over the world.


If you are still unsure about it, here is a list of other reasons to choose

What Is is a platform that has 170+ print partners in 104 countries all over the world. It enables you to print practically anything anywhere, cutting both shipping costs and delivery time.


For example, instead of printing a bunch of postersin theUnited States and shipping them toGermany, Portugal, orFrance, the platform finds the printing facility directly in the country as close to your delivery destination as possible.


Your posters will be printed and shipped from there. It not only saves you a lot of time and money, but it also reduces the risk of the shipments being misplaced or lost in the process of international transportation.


So, what’s in it for you?

Expanding Your Art Business Overseas


Everyone wants to expand their business as much as possible, right? Today, lots of artists have appreciators of their art from all over the world. While the Internet allows us to easily admire one’s work online, the same cannot be said when one is trying to acquire it.


Many people don’t even suspect that they can either sell or buy artworks from someone who lives so far away due to complicated transportation and delivery processes. erases those boundaries and connects people all over the world.

Wider Range of Customers


Being able to sell your work in more countries means having more customers and increasing your profits. Each new country opens up new possibilities and opportunities for expanding your target audience. Increase the number of people who will enjoy your art and grow your profits by printing as close to the delivery destination as possible.

Lower Shipping Costs


Printing as close to the delivery destination as possible means that shipping costs will be significantly lower in comparison with printing and shipping your art from country to country. uses an AI algorithm that finds the closest printing facility to your delivery destination, ensuring that your customers don’t need to pay extra money for shipping.

Shorter Delivery Times


Same as with shipping costs, printing locally allows you to cut the delivery time as well. Now, it takes no more than a couple of days to wait for the order to be delivered, while shipping internationally means waiting for weeks or even months.


There are a lot of people who expect to get their orders in a short period of time or who would rather change their service provider than wait a little longer. Win those customers over by ensuring shorter delivery times.

Ready-to-go Integrations with Other Platforms also offers integrations with such platforms asShopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Ecwid, Amazon, and eBay. These E-commerce integrations make the whole process even simpler for you, eliminating the need to take unnecessary steps or actions.

Outsourcing Search for the Print Partners


When you decide to expand your business overseas on your own, you face two choices: either print in your country and ship the order overseas or search for the print partner around the order delivery destination.


Both choices present new challenges, such as the already mentioned high shipping costs or uncertainty when choosing a foreign print provider. will take care of these issues (e.g. connect to the most suitable print partner), leaving you more time to work on your art.

Wide Range of Product Offering


Whatever type of art you are making, we have got you covered! offers the opportunity to print 5000+ products, from posters and photostowall decorations. You will also find detailed instructions on how to design each of the productsand prepare them for global printing.

Cutting the Carbon Footprint


Nearly 30% of global CO2 emissions are caused by transportation. Choosing to print locally will have a crucial impact on the sustainability of your business. allows cutting your global carbon footprint by 95.6% via local printing.


Thus, partnering with will positively contribute to the overall image of your business, whilst allowing you to attract more customers who prioritize sustainability when choosing their products.


All in all, is an ensured and effective way to open new opportunities for your business and bring your business to the next level. 


By using this platform, you will be able to:


• Expand your art business

• Extend your range of customers

• Cut shipping costs and delivery time

• Become more environmentally friendly.