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Watch back "Print Emergency Webinar. No Limits in any season"

Webinar • December 23, 2021 • 7 min

In this webinar, Morten B. Reitoft, the Editor-in-Chief in Inkish, talks about current issues in the printing industry and discusses future trends on how to overcome peak season issues.

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Morten B. Reitoft the Editor-in-Chief at INKISH TV, 20+ years of experience in the print industry. 

In this webinar, Morten talks about current issues in the printing industry and discusses future trends. In addition to why it is important to automate and manage print jobs in a smart way.


Embracing megatrends - such as digitalization - can help to define your company’s future and provide you with key performance indicators, helping you to navigate between what you are doing right and what you should do differently. 

Moving forward with a digital business model is an effective way to future-proof your company and move towards sustainability, flexibility, and agility - a topic that Morten discusses extensively.
“No time for limitation”

By watching this webinar, you will get a better understanding of the past, present, and future, giving you a general overview of how can optimize your business.

3 Keys to take away:
Monitor and stay up-to-date with megatrends. 
Understand the main components of the current digital transformation - this includes mindsets. 
Act global, sell local - a sustainable, efficient model that provides businesses with a significant level of on-the-go flexibility. 
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