Launch of global Pizza On Demand API.

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Launch of global Pizza On Demand API

Update 2 April: Thanks everyone for sharing our April Fool's day message and the great feedback. We even learned about new players in the 3D printing market which are even able to print a pizza in real!


The leading Global Print API provider, launch Pizza-On-Demand (POD) for worldwide 3D printing of pizzas with a local delivery service.

The global print API platform, today launched a global network of Pizza Printing, via their Print API. Orders will be processed and routed by the intelligent cloud platform to the nearest pizza print partner in the network.

Any order can be sent to the API as a JPG, PDF or PSD. And this can contain multiple layers of ingredients. Layers can contain information about the pizza top-ups and shape. Almost any shape is possible, as long it is within the maximum print dimensions of the Pizza Printers.

Today, 4.000 3D pizza printers in 143 countries are connected via the platform of and are processing orders in real-time with an average produce and delivery time of 1 hour.

Cloudprinter has built integrations with major web2pizza providers and design software to include in the Pizza-On-Demand Cloud platform. This will enable customers from all around the world to design and order their own pizza, just like ordering personalized photo books or canvas prints.

By combining blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and 3D food printing, Cloudprinter will continue to disrupt industries by moving into the food sector, after changing the print industry with their Global Print API. delivers a Global Print API to web2print providers, publishers and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Via our Print API, customers can integrate in just days with more than 100 print partners around the world.

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