What do you need to know about Web to print in 2022

Article • February 23, 2022 • 5 min read

In 2025 web to print software market will reach 1.5 billion annual funds accumulated. How does this fast-growing segment influence the printing industry and how can you participate?

According to Statista, in 2025 web to print software market will reach 1.5 billion annual funds accumulated. How does this fast-growing segment influence the printing industry? Web-to-print allows printers to create more swiftly and efficiently, while also increasing client satisfaction. It's more than just online shopping for customers and print solutions for businesses. To appreciate web-to print fully, you first have to understand it.  Let’s find out how it could help your business.



What is Web to print?


What do you need to know about Web to print with Cloudprinter

Web-to-Print is web-based print management or solution system that is used by printing companies all over the world. It enables the internet generation to order a product online using a technology that generates a print-ready file which is sent directly to print businesses for production.

Simply, web-to-print is a technology for commercial printing online. It provides high-quality print-ready data for your eCommerce print service to ensure consistent print jobs. W2P, Web2Print, Print eCommerce, and Remote publishing are some of the other terms for it.

W2P gives your customers access to a product ordering online portal where they can select products, customize or personalize them, and place orders. It is important to notice that web to print solutions are relevant for both B2B and B2C areas of application, as it simplify life for both users and print providers.

How does it work?


Web to print makes it easy for companies to maintain their printing activities more efficiently by using prepared templates. There is no need to upload separate files, you can edit and send to print your brand communication materials from your laptop. This solution automates the production of printing materials and enables faster order fulfilment. It's an excellent choice for companies that print and reorder regularly.

You can use ready-to-go branded templates and delegate design and marketing responsibilities. Don’t worry - if you want to be in charge of the final product while it is performed by somebody else, there is a solution. Web to print platforms allows you to check and approve all documents before sending them to print.

Instead of ordering more to meet minimum order requirements, you are now able to order the exact amount. This feature as well as Cloudprinter.com worldwide print partners network allows you to significantly reduce costs and optimize workflow.

What Are the Benefits of Web2print with Cloudprinter.com?


Web-to-print systems are the last missing link in the digital prepress production chain. And here is why:


1. Brand consistency and increased customer satisfaction

The added value for brands is definitely an improved brand consistency, because a brand can handle all their print jobs in an easy-to-use, global platform.

But what is the added value of Web2Print? 
It's the possibility to reduce risks and make products even more personalized because the print on demand allows you to personalize any single print job. 

2.  Access to the system 24/7 from anywhere
You no longer need to consider your design team's working hours. You don't even have to think about time zones. Any prepress template can be modified at the last minute if necessary and they will arrive at the printer on schedule. Moreover, with the Cloudprinter.com global network end-customer will receive the product within days due to reduced shipping distance and rapid production.

3. Automation of the order process

From beginning to end, the Web to print solution provides a simple and intuitive user experience on a modern and appealing mobile-responsive platform. This enables faster turnaround times by automating the prepress and proofing processes. Furthermore, thanks to the system's extensive connection, all orders are automatically processed, scheduled, and tracked throughout the whole manufacturing stage.

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4. A highly stable platform that fits your need.

With the system's full extension and flexibility. Errors are minimised by minimizing human intervention. This enables the development of personalized products that are both specific to your demands and consistent with your brand. Every product is examined to ensure that it can be provided as requested and that there will be no printing problems.


5. Sustainability.

By using the web to print solutions for your business printing needs you also help the environment. A global print system allows not only to cut costs on transportation but also to recuse carbon emissions. Purpose-driven web to print technology helps you to move towards a better future.


Final thoughts


Web to Print is thus a perfect online printing solution for firms that demand reprints while keeping a large portion of the layout intact. Applications such as promotional material, company stationery, ads, Flyer, posters, postcards, brochures, catalogues, and so on are best printed using a print management platform, which also serves as a rapid source of order creation for commercial printers.

A web to print application facilitates higher degrees of process optimization, increased standardization, unified corporate communication, and the maintenance of company identity and brand assets.