A bit more about Global Print API Routing and Profiles.....

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A bit more about Global Print API Routing and Profiles....

Getting your print on demand job automatically routed from your web2print, publishing or corporate platform to the most qualified print partner has been a challenge for a long time for most businesses. The decision where to route consist of critical factors like location, pricing, production times, performance and the level of automation at the selected print partner.

When companies have decided how to run their global print network, they often 'hard code' it in the core of their platform.

For a while, this runs well, but then volume grows, or print partners have a peak season, presses are down or even worse, they go bankrupt and cannot fulfill your print on demand orders anymore.

Re-routing in such cases requires resources from your IT department or a manual job to change settings for new incoming print orders.

In previous job positions of our team we all have experienced such issues while working at web2print, publishing, and large corporations.

When we started to design the Cloudprinter.com platform for our Print API, we made intelligent print order routing one of the critical parts of the core API.

Nowadays our AI order algorithm learns from the history of similar print jobs by analyzing production time, quality and the time it took the related logistics provider to deliver the final product. This data we combine with the print pricing levels, cross-border data and production options at the print partners. This process is fully automated and takes just milliseconds to decide how our Cloudprinter platform routes the print order to the print on demand partner.

This is what we called Automated Network mode and is a standard feature of our starter and business subscriptions.

With the Enterprise Print API subscription, you can use the Manual Network Mode. This print routing mode enables you to set fixed routing schemes for selected markets or countries. Example, while using the Automatic Network mode for worldwide orders, you might want to exclude Germany as you have been working with a great print partner there for years. Then for Germany, you set print orders to this print on demand partner as a fixed routing rule on the Manual Network Mode settings.

With the Cloudprinter.com Print API Business subscription, you can set a price range or gap for your products by using cust. Print partners with higher pricing than your price gap will be excluded from the routing AI algorithm.

Both routing network modes can be fine-tuned by using routing profiles. Custom routing rules enable you to set a maximum amount of print on demand orders to be routed to the print on demand partner.

An example of a customer routing profile in Manual Network mode can be: Print on demand partner A in Australia will get 500 orders a day. When the number of 500 is reached additional orders should go to printer B. Or, share orders on 60/40% between the print partners by using the custom routing profile.

Custom routing profiles is a feature of our Enterprise Print API subscription.

For Business and Enterprise subscriptions we also launched the SLA routing rules. Here you can specify the SLA parameters for print on demand partners. Examples of SLA parameters can be average production score, certification and selected equipment like newest digital presses etc.

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