Maximize Creativity with CI HUB and Cloudprinter

Article • January 10, 2024 • 5 min read

Enhancing Creative Workflows with’s CI HUB Integration

In a world where design and creativity are increasingly digital, is excited to announce our integration with CI HUB, a game-changer for designers and creatives. This integration bridges the gap between your favorite digital design tools and our global print network, streamlining the journey from creative concept to printed reality.


Seamless Integration for Creatives


From Digital Canvas to Global Print 

The and CI HUB integration transforms how creatives interact with the printing process. By connecting CI HUB’s design tools directly to our printing platform, designers can effortlessly transition from digital creation to physical print. This seamless workflow eliminates the complexities typically associated with printing, allowing artists and designers to focus on what they do best – creating.

A World of Printing at Your Fingertips 

Our integration offers access to a global network of print providers. Whether your project is a small digital art piece or a large-scale advertising campaign, our network is equipped to bring it to life with the same fidelity and attention to detail you put into your design.



The Creative Advantage


Unleashing Creative Potential 

With’s CI HUB integration, the only limit is your imagination. Design in CI HUB and print anywhere in the world without ever leaving your digital workspace. This freedom empowers creatives to experiment and innovate, knowing that their designs can be accurately and beautifully printed.

Quality and Consistency 

We understand that the quality of print is paramount for creatives. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every print accurately reflects the quality of your original design. From color accuracy to paper quality, we handle the nuances of printing so that the final product meets your high standards.

Efficiency and Flexibility 

Our platform is designed for efficiency. The CI HUB integration simplifies the ordering and printing process, saving valuable time and effort. Moreover, our flexible printing solutions cater to a variety of creative needs, from limited edition prints to large production runs.



Supporting the Creative Community


Collaboration and Support 

At, we are more than a printing service; we are collaborators in the creative process. Our team is dedicated to supporting the creative community, offering guidance and expertise to ensure the best possible printing outcomes.

Innovation and Growth 

As the creative industry evolves, so do we. Our integration with CI HUB is part of our commitment to innovation, ensuring that our services grow alongside the creative needs of our clients.



The integration of with CI HUB is a testament to our dedication to supporting the creative community. We are bridging the gap between digital design and global printing, offering a platform where creativity knows no bounds. Join us in this exciting journey and experience the ease and quality of bringing your designs to life.


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