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“When I realized that I needed to go global, and in order to get the gig, I had to solve the problem of selling everywhere. Everywhere that you can print and ship I wanted to be able to do that.”

Steven W. Booth

Founder and CEO Genius Books Publishing

“Working with Cloudprinter has been a really good match for PixxiBook. API integration was very straight-forward and pretty consistent. We especially appreciate the webhook logs and retry capabilities. On the few occasions when we needed assistance, Cloudprinter’s team provided us with prompt and helpful assistance. I really like the concept of Print API, so it is a good fit for our business.”

Tim Edmonds

Creator, Developer, and Marketer at PixxiBook

“We at Zeroplus Printers were looking for a way to extend our reach, Clouldprinter was the answer. Integration into our system with their print API was extremely easy and the level of automation made this a no-brainer.”

Vernon Van Dyk

Prepress manager at Zeroplus Printers

"We get orders [from], somedays we get more than one thousand orders."

Roy Everts

Owner Gld print & media

"Global brands want to order centrally but produce decentrally. This particular concept enables us to service brands that we would never get."

Ulrich Schätzl

CEO at Schätzl