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Insights into our Smart Routing Algorithm

Delivery Address-78

1. Delivery Address

It all starts by going as local as possible with your print job. This might result in 4 print partners who can print local in the area of delivery. 

Product & Print requirements-62

2. Product & Print requirements

Then it comes to the required print product and options. Do you prefer your product on a specific press? Did you selected a special paper,  etc?

Shipping Options

3. Shipping Options

Do you need the job tomorrow? Or do you have some days? Here we look to the production time and shipping options of the pre-selected print partners. 


4. Pricing 

In this stage, two print partners might have been selected from the previous three steps. Now, we compare their pricing - also quite important.

Partner Performance

5. Partner Performance

Now that the pricing is known, we check the performance of the selected print partners over the last 90 days in terms of quality, errors and returns. If this is not according our requirements, we jump back to step 4. 

Print Partner Selected-78

6. Print Partner Selected

Now the print partner is selected. We can do all of this in less then 140 milliseconds! The print partner will now receive  your print order for fast and reliable production and shipping. 

All in less than 140ms

Our smart routing algorithm learns every day more and more based on the print jobs we fulfil at our global print network. The complete selection of the steps above is done in less than 140 milliseconds. We work hard to reduce this to 80 milliseconds to be as fast as we can. 

Our platform is built and tested t0 handle 40.000 requests per minute. Your print job is in the queue of our print partners within 1 minute after submitting it to us!

Automated vs Custom Routing

While most of our customers rely on on our automated routing algorithm, we offer for customers with a Business or Enterprise Support Level also routing profiles and custom routing. 

Routing profiles enable you to influence our routing algorithm with your specific requirements. As an example, price counts less for your order in case it's printed and shipped the same day. This can be managed along with other options via Routing Profiles. 

Custom Routing lets you as our customer select dedicated print partners from the Cloudprinter client dashboard. Route all your orders for a specific region to printer X or load balance orders between Print Partner A & B. Almost endless routing possibilities with Custom Routing. 

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Custom routing to fulfil print jobs anywhere in the world

Our Routing Options

Automated Routing

Automated Routing

Always the best selection based on our Smart Local Routing Algorithm.

Routing Profiles to manage in your online account

Routing Profiles

Manage our algorithms with your personal and corporate preferences and requirements.

Custom Routing for Enterprise clients

Custom Routing

Build your virtual global print network for your own business specified exactly to your own preferences.

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