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Print-on-demand, also known as POD, creates new opportunities and revenue streams for all kinds of publishers. To clarify: POD is the business process in which book copies are not printed until a publisher receives an actual order for the book: print-to-order. This allows for prints of singular or small quantities.
POD can activate your entire backlog catalogue by selling all of your titles worldwide.
But how do you manage the incoming orders from your own e-commerce site, or external partners and consumers?

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The Global POD Challenge.

Worldwide shipping from a POD partner in your country might be too expensive because of high shipping cost. Import duties, transport challenges and transit times might even double the trouble.
So.. how do you manage adding new POD partners in different new markets around the world? How to source your books and orders to them?
Also, as a publisher, you want to be sure that paper types and print methodology are equal and compatible to avoid mismatched spines or difference in print colors.
This is where our CloudPublish solution comes in. gives publishers the freedom and flexibility to print and ship their books anywhere in the world - always at the same quality and at a fair price.

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The Global Publishing Solution

With the CloudPublish API we solve these challenges every day for a growing number of local and global publishers. Our platform allows publishers to specify their required digital presses for their POD jobs when submitting the orders.
Connecting our CloudPublish API to existing ERP or E-Commerce industry standards makes the complete order and production process fully automated. Our pricing is transparent and not based on volume, allowing you to order single copies or small quantities. You benefit directly from our network volume at our audited and qualified print partners.
And with more than 50 connected local & global couriers, you are always sure that you can offer your customers the best and most affordable shipping options to any address in the world.

What we offer: global print & ship fulfilment to meet the needs of your business exactly on point

Live Production signals

Benefit from live production signals to be integrated into your publishing, CRM or e-commerce platform to keep your customers up to date about the production & shipping status.

Live production signals (1)

Secure & Anti-Fraud

Print jobs submitted to our print partners are tacked and encrypted to avoid fraudulent actions.

secure & anti-fraud (2)

ISBN based

Use ISBN as the identifier when placing orders. When a title is created and uploaded, it can be mapped to any of the available trim sizes and product options.

isbn based (1)
iPhone Mocup your print partner worldwide
Title and catalog management (1)


Manage your titles within the Cloudprinter Dashboard. Assign SKUs, production options and manage your title version history. Upload easily with our online tools via API or Web.

Worldwide local printing (1)


76 trim sizes with more than 200 product options available in 100+ countries. Forget the hassle of talking and integrating with a printer for months.

reducing co2 emissions (3)


By always printing as local as possible, we help you to lower transportation distances to a minimum.

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