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Reducing Carbon Footprint

There is an irony that the organisations that are doing the most to tackle social justice and environmental issues have a large environmental footprint of their own. - Caroline Watson from The Guardian, 2014.
Reducing the carbon footprint is a sensitive topic to many (Non-) GOs worldwide. But believe us, there is a lot to gain in printing green.
Often, print materials - such as textbooks, flyers, posters or brochures - are bundled together at one single printing facility in order to receive the most economic price. This however comes at the expense of the environment.

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The Challenge in going Green

Printing as much volume as possible at a single location enables you to profit from economies of scale, but often requires you to transport the materials worldwide, impacting the environment in a harmful way. Transportation is considered to be one of the most polluting industries worldwide - and yes, the printing industry serves a significant part of this industry as well.
Print is generally an essential part of any project or campaign. Think of all those flyers and brochures that you are distributing worldwide to get your message across. Although more and more campaigns are online focussed, hard-copies can often not be spared to reach those that are not that active in the digital world.
So how can Cloudprinter.com help your organisation to make another step in the right direction?

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The Global Green Print Solution

We can print & ship your print materials in any country in the world such that you will always be printing close to the actual community you want to serve! There will be no more need for mass transportation to get your message spread across the world, as you will always be printing as local as possible to reduce transit distances and thereby times, costs and emissions.
Cloudprinter.com has built  a Global Print Network with more than 150+ print partners in 100+ countries. You can simply get your materials printed anywhere in the world by making use of one of our Connected Apps. All of our Apps are ready-to-go & will get you up and running in no time. Sourcing your print jobs from your desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox, you name it, we can do it.
Cloudprinter.com - your guide in printing green.

What we offer: global print & ship fulfilment to meet the needs of your business exactly on point
Full network mode & global reach


We have connected 150+ printers in over 100 countries worldwide to serve your needs on a global scale.

500+product templates


More than 500 products available in plenty of paper types, finishes and formats to suit your needs.

User-friendly dashboard


You have access to your personal online dashboard to manage of orders, invoices and more.

Smart ai local routing algorithm


All orders are routed using a Smart Routing Algorithm to find the nearest printer that meets your specs.

secure & anti-fraud (1)


Print jobs submitted to our print partners are tacked and encrypted to avoid fraudulent actions.

reducing co2 emissions (3)


By always printing as local as possible, we help you to lower transportation distances to a minimum.

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