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Case Study: How Genius Books & Media print and ship globally

Case Studies • November 30, 2021 • 2 min read

How publishers are using print on demand (pod) to print and ship globally. is the leading pod platform.

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Steven W. Booth, the founder and CEO of Genius Books & Media, is giving people an insight into how his company has achieved its recent business growth and flexibility using the platform.

Steven, a book designer before getting into publishing, has managed to become a northern star within the publishing industry. Just by chance, he managed to ask the right question at just the right time. This led him down a path to combine an old industry with new disruptive cloud-based technologies. The one-stop-shop solution has enabled him to embrace automation, increase his order volume, and build more trust with a bigger customer base.

"When I realized that I needed to go global, and in order to get the gig, I had to solve the problem of selling everywhere. Everywhere that you can print and ship I wanted to be able to do that.”

Steven is using for print production and fulfillment on a global scale, which provides him with flexibility and a reliable solution for all his needs. Cloudprinter's solution enables Steven to be competitive and adapt quickly to a fast changing environments. makes sure, his products are always available. Genius Books & Media makes their products available within 72 hours, which leads to happy customers all around the globe.