7 Must-Have E-Commerce Integrations to Print and Sell Globally

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7 Must-Have E-Commerce Integrations to Print and Sell Globally

Cloudprinter.com offers you a list of ready-to-go integrations with the most popular e-commerce platforms to simplify the process of taking the orders, printing, and delivering them to your customers. If you are looking to expand your business, integration between your e-commerce platform and Cloudprinter.com is a must!

With Cloudprinter.com e-commerce integrations, you'll get the opportunity to streamline your orders for local fulfilment in 104 countries.

Connect your print on demand store to one of Cloudprinter.com integrations:


About the platform: This is an all-in-one commerce platform that allows you to build an online shop from scratch with minimum web design knowledge and experience.

About Shopify + Cloudprinter.com integration: With Shopify + Cloudprinter.com integration, you can connect your online store to Cloudprinter.com. All of your orders will be processed and sent to our print partners after they have been placed in the store.

And the best part? Through only one-click integration, the whole process becomes fully automated and doesn't require additional efforts from your side.

You will be able to:

  • Link the products you sell to Cloudprinter.com’s templates
  • Set up the printing and shipping cost margin
  • Benefit from Cloudprinter.com’s algorithm that finds the best printing and delivery options all around the globe.

Activation: The plugin for Shopify is Cloudprinter.com native app that was built by our team. You can activate it at Shopify App Store. 

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About the platform: WooCommerce is a plugin for e-commerce websites that are built on WordPress.

About WooCommerce + Cloudprinter.com integration: Integration with Cloudprinter.com links the products you sell with Cloudprinter.com's templates. You will gain access to all of the Cloudprinter.com features directly from the WooCommerce interface and get the opportunity to print and sell your products as local as possible.

You won't have to put any effort into managing the customers' orders, as this ready-to-go integration ensures full automation. Connect your WooCommerce store to Cloudprinter.com plugin and optimize your printing and delivery process in a few clicks.

Activation: The plugin for WooCommerce is Cloudprinter.com native app that was built by our team. 

Download WooCommerce plugin


About platform: Magento is another open e-commerce platform that provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to set up their online stores.

About Magento + Cloudprinter.com integration: Magento & Cloudprinter.com Zapier integration generates new functionalities for Magento and makes it even easier to create and deliver purchases to the clients in no time.

Each time a new product/order is created or a new sales order invoice/shipment is placed, you will be able to automatically:

  • Create products/categories
  • Introduce sales order comments and invoices
  • Create/cancel orders
  • Request order quotes
  • Find orders and products.

Activation: The Magento + Cloudprinter.com integration is available via Zapier.

Activate Magento integration now


About platform: Sellfy is an e-commerce solution for digital content creators, such as writers, illustrators, or designers that enables selling products online. Opening a store on Sellfy is an easy and effortless way to start selling products either on your website or on social media.

About Sellfy + Cloudprinter.com integration: Cloudprinter.com & Sellfy Zapier integration opens up global opportunities for your shop and automates your print needs.

With this integration, whenever a new order is created, order status is updated, a customer subscribes/unsubscribes to future email newsletters, you will be able to automatically:

  • Create/cancel orders
  • Find orders and products
  • Request order quotes.

Activation: This integration is available via Zapier. 

Activate Sellfy integration now


About platform: Perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses, this e-commerce platform helps create an online store and start selling your products.

About Ecwid + Cloudprinter.com integration: Ecwid & Cloudprinter.com Zapier integration expands your fulfilment opportunities and allows accessing all Cloudrpinter.com features straight from the Ecwid dashboard.

Each time a new customer/product is created, a new invoice/paid order/pickup order/shipping order is placed, this Zap enables you to automatically:

  • Create customers, orders, products, discount coupons
  • Update products
  • Find customers, orders, products
  • Find/create customers and products.

Activation: The Ecwid + Cloudprinter.com integration is available via Zapier.

Activate Ecwid integration now

If you don’t want to build a website for your online shop, no worries, Cloudprinter.com has options for you. There are companies that provide you with the opportunity to sell your products on a large marketplace to reach thousands of customers instantly.

Among our integrations for e-commerce marketplaces are:

Amazon Seller Central

About platform: Amazon is a platform for independent sellers that gain the opportunity to reach millions of customers and jumpstart their business careers.

About Amazon Seller Central + Cloudprinter.com integration: Amazon Seller Central & Cloudprinter.com Zapier integration enables sellers to create/cancel print orders, request order quotes, find orders/products, and many more straight from the Amazon Seller Central account.

Whenever a new order is received, you can:

  • Create/cancel orders
  • Request order quotes
  • Find orders and products.

Activation: The Amazon Seller Central + Cloudprinter.com integration is available via Zapier.

Activate Amazon integration now


About platform: This e-commerce company has a shopping website and online auction that allow selling and buying a wide variety of goods and services.

About eBay + Cloudprinter.com integration: With eBay & Cloudprinter.com Zapier integration, you can access all of Cloudprinter.com features directly from the eBay dashboard and extend your printing capabilities worldwide.

Each time a new order is made, this Zap allows you to automatically:

  • Create/cancel orders
  • Request order quotes
  • Find orders and products
  • Create shipping fulfilment.

Activation: eBay+ Cloudprinter.com connection is available via Zapier.

Activate eBay integration now

Summing Up

No matter what platform you choose to sell your products, each of the listed options will serve you right. Once you've made your choice, don't hesitate to use one of Cloudprinter.com's ready-to-go integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Sellfy, Ecwid, Amazon Seller Central, eBay and bring your e-commerce business to a global scale.

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