WATCH BACK "Publish Global, Print Local" Webinar

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WATCH BACK "Publish Global, Print Local" Webinar

Long-tail enables you to monetize a backlog book catalogue, but you need 100s of print providers to enable printing around the world? Facing increased demand from end-customers for fast and low-cost delivery?

This is where solution comes in.

In this webinar, you will learn how to save space, costs & CO2 by printing with 

1. Challenges in Print Sourcing. 

Learn more about print sourcing challenges you're facing as a publishing business.

2. Platform Overview.

Learn more about our platform. 

3. Smart Routing Algorithm.

Learn more about our smart routing algorithm.

4. What the Heck is an API?

5. Our Solution for Publishing Companies.


Learn more about our solution that helps publishing businesses to grow.

6. Products Catalogue.

Learn more about 5000+ products available in plenty of paper types, finishes and formats to suit your needs.

7. Reduce your Global Footprint.

Cut Carbon Footprint via Printing Globally.

8. Print API First.

One integration to a global print & fulfilment network.

9. Applications Second.

Ready to go integrations with apps and solutions.


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