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Responsible printing in the modern world is one of the most necessary ways to save the environment.

Over the past years, the landscape of print sourcing, customer behavior, and logistics have been drastically changed. Consumers judge brands not anymore on their marketing only but also on the way to take care of their social responsibility (often referred to as CSR). 

At we have been working over the past years to deliver print products in any market in the world with as low as possible social and environmental impact.

The eco-friendly approach in printing began before we started to print. The very important step, which is always hiding in the background, is choosing the facilities and technology for printing certain types and circulations of products. With this choice shouldn't bother you - the best set will be selected automatically.

Let’s specify how we have realized this: 

  • Print local to reduce CO2 emissions

First of all, partners are eco-friendly printing companies around the world. It means that your order will be printed as close as possible to your placement. This significantly decreases shipping distance and as a result, is reducing fuel emission, CO2 footprint, delivery time and price.

  • The environmentally friendly print process at the production floor (ink, paper, lamination)

All the products we deliver in any market in the world are according to the highest and most modern eco-friendly standards, we reach this by taking care of the following:


Some types of ink are petroleum solvent-based, but it could be replaced by soybean oil.

The eco-friendly inks are preferable for food packaging and recommended for children's books.

And UV inks are another option of eco-friendly printer ink. These links are solid and do not include water or other liquids. The ink cures on the material under the action of UV light.


Paper is made of wood that absorbs CO2, and if taken from appropriate managed sustainable forests, its consumption cuts CO2. Certified company FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) provides forest management and gives the certification only to those companies who provide certified paper.

Printing is providing on the recycling and biodegradable printing paper, which does not harm the environment.


Biodegradable lamination looks the same as the traditional one.


The newest equipment and qualified specialists guaranteed the minimal amount of waste that appears during setting up. And all the waste subsequently recycled.


The quality and novelty of equipment is the key to reducing energy consumption.

  • Neutral / 0 energy waster

Our key print partners are using solar power or green energy to ensure 0 waste from their energy consumption.

Eco-friendly printing companies use purification systems for water that was used in the printing process.

  • Social and labor 

It’s very important to follow laws and regulations concerning the environment, safety, and health. And provide safe and healthy workplaces and work environment for employees and clients.

Let's care about our planet and think about tomorrow with!



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