Gld print & media: How to sustain business growth in the printing industry

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Gld print & media: How to sustain business growth in the printing industry

Roy Everts is an expert in the printing industry. As the Owner of Gld print & media, he knows everything about new trends and opportunities within the (digital) printing industry.

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Gld print & media, founded in 2000, is a print facility in the Netherlands, that has built resilience around its primary ambition - creating print products to be proud of. For the last two decades, the print facility has managed to defy the odds and establish itself as an industry leader. 

In this Video, Roy Everts discusses how gave Gld the tools to build bigger and better. Once achieved, Gld will continue to create added value in the field of print, media, & visual communication. 

“It took us two weeks and then we had everything organised and automated” 

Mr Everts makes reference to the speed and seamlessness of the integration process. Although it only took two weeks, Gld managed to begin building a strong and trusting relationship.

This relationship streams into the great partnership we have built, which is underpinned by a mutual understanding of the problems print facilities are facing, and the solutions they need to move forward. 

The main priority for print facilities is to ensure that they can always keep their print machines busy. With print demand skyrocketing, and being at the forefront of this explosion, Gld has managed to greatly increase their order volume without having to increase their resources, as the entire process is automated thanks to’s digital print platform technology. 

“We get orders [from], somedays we get more than one thousand orders”

  1. Our Print API can route 40,000 orders a minute
  2. Our client base spans across the entire globe, including Fortune 500 companies
  3. Print Managers available 24/7

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