Global Printing at Local Cost

An example of our pricing model.

Our print pricing model is clear, transparent and disruptive. We are democratising print by offering the same low wholesale prices to all our customers. We charge you one on one the print price we get charged for by our print partners. Next, to that, we charge a fee for our service, not related to the commercial value of your print order.

Per order, we charge a Job Fee and a Quantity Free. The Job Fee is a fixed fee for each specific print order you place at our platform. The Quantity Fee is a fee per range of copies.

The range of the number of copies for the Quantity Fee varies for certain product categories. An actual overview can be found in the Cloudprinter Dashboard. If you don't have access yet, register for free and go to the product page in the dashboard to see the Quantity Fees.

An example:

  • You order 200 business cards. The wholesale pricing from our print partner is for an example 7 EUR
  • When you are on a free service level the fixed Job Fee is 2.5 EUR. Job fees will go lower if you upgrade to a higher paid service level
  • Business cards have a quantity range of 50 copies. This means that for every 50 copies you order, we charge the quantity fee.
  • With a free subscription, the Quantity Fee is 0.25 EUR per 50 copies. This means for 200 copies we will charge 1 EUR as Quantity Fee.
  • The Total cost of the print job will be in this case 10.50 EUR

Our Job Fee and Quantity Fees are replacing commission, high margins, and other markups regularly charged by local or online printers. The experience from our customers is that often they print cheaper with us, with lower shipping cost and shorter transit times.

Global Print Pricing