Cloudprinter and Our Future World.

Reducing carbon footprint

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means that we take responsibility for the effects of our business activities on people, the environment and business operations. makes conscious choices to find a balance between People, Planet and Profit. aims to even go a step further and focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation with profit for people, society and the environment. Now and in the future.

CSR is our benchmark for doing business in this century. The starting principles here are:

  • CSR is an integral vision on entrepreneurship, whereby the company creates value in social (People), ecological (Planet) and economical (Profit) fields.
  • CSR is embedded in all business processes. With every business decision, the different stakeholder interests are weighed up: the interests of the persons, companies and organisations involved. CSR is tailor-made.
  • CSR is a means, not a final destination. The objectives pursue change over time and with every business decision. The company is looking for achievable steps to give shape to social responsibility, and keeps monitoring these over time.

How does Cloudprinter deal with this:

As routes print jobs close to the end-customer, it reduces shipping efforts, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Our Print Partners always work with the newest hardware and materials, thus implementing the newest techniques that are proven to be energy-efficient, and have the lowest impact on the environment. To contribute to that, remote work is also facilitated on all levels within the company, saving commuting time and resources. staff is expected to set the example in environmental friendliness.

Social: is an equal opportunity company. Wages are based on the roles within the company, without regards to gender, religion, and personal preferences. Staff and management are expected to contribute to an environment in which social responsibility is a key element in decision making. enables its staff to find a balance between work and home. The possibility to work remotely is supporting this as well. is also supportive of community involvement. As an example of this, supports its staff to engage in community programs during working hours and supporting charity events.

As recognizes the importance of the work of NGO’s, offers non-profit based conditions for customers in this category.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not limited to and its staff itself. expects its partners to live up to the same CSR standards. Part of the procurement process and relationship management is the CSR policy of our partners. At all times, we expect our partners to be a good employer that takes care of a safe and social working environment for its staff. This excludes excesses such as underpaying, child labour and discrimination.