DPD Integration

One-click integration

Dpd integration

DPD & Cloudprinter.com


DPD provides an innovative multi-functional shopping cart, facilitates digital fulfillment, and allows customers to sell their downloads to millions.

Our DPD + Cloudprinter.com Zapier Integration allows you to access the ample ready-made integration tools our platform offers, passing the benefits of high-quality fulfillment and innovative automation directly to your customers. 

Setup timeModerate
Pricefree + print cost
Usersbusinesses, creators, authors, designers, artists

How does it work

Connect your store with Cloudprinter

Connect your store to Cloudprinter.com

Create a new account on Cloudprinter.com or choose an existing one.
Connect your store with Cloudprinter

Add new products to your online store

It takes just a few steps to link your digitised files to Cloudprinter.com product templates.
Cost margin

Set up the print and shipping cost margin

Apply cost margin for shipping your products.

Get notified about incoming orders

Once all is set up, you'll get a notification and your orders will be automatically sent to Cloudprinter.com for fulfilment.

Sell your products

Cloudprinter.com will take care of printing and delivering it in more than 104 countries.

Offer More for Less

Connect your DPD account with Cloudprinter.com and expand your market share by taking advantage of our great expansion features, which have been designed to guarantee you an increase in customer outreach and level of satisfaction. 


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