How to enter a phone number correctly while making an order

Sometimes, we have questions related to the phone number input accuracy. suggests customers write phone numbers in an international format to ensure smooth and precise delivery.


Take a look at an example: 

A Danish cell number "028832333" will look like "+4528832333" in the international format. Basically, you take away the first figure and add the Danish country code — +45.  

Also, to correctly route the call, add an international call prefix. For example, the Danish prefix is "00" and you'll have to put it before the country code — "004528832333" (if you use "00" prefix, you don't need to add "+" in front of the country code). 

Besides the "+" in front of the country code, all characters should be numeric. All spaces, dashes, and parentheses will be automatically removed. 

We work hard to make sure each of your orders is produced and delivered according to your expectations, so don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.