Did you know that each order JSON/XML contains the shipping costs?

Did you know that each order JSON/XML contains the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are automatically calculated with each order. We provide this cost to both Print Buyers and Partners.

Our platform calculates the shipping costs for each order in real-time. This shipping cost is based on the weight and quantity of the products and on which shipping courier is supported by the Print Partners. 

For books, the weight is based on the book cover including binding and the total pages. We aggregate the total weight of the order to calculate shipping costs. 

Good to know: we ask print partners to provide the weight of the book cover and the packaging. Why is this? We include the packaging in the total sum of the weight, to calculate the shipping cost for each order to the cent. 

We send this calculation to the printer with each order JSON/XML. These shipping costs will be provided to the print buyer at the same time, we do not put any margin on the shipping charges, these are charged one-on-one to the customers.

Why do we do this? This gives both the Printer Partners and Print Buyers a clear view on the shipping costs, such that there will be no surprises in the end: the Print Partner knows what he can charge Cloudprinter.com for shipping and the Print Buyer knows which charges he can expect for this order.

Please find below an example of a snippet of an order JSON/XML that is received by a Print Partner:

“shipping”: { 

“method”: “dhl_international_express”,

“consignor”: “The Book Company”,

“invoice”: { “shipments”: 1, “currency”: “EUR”, “total”: “51.8192" } }

Please make sure that you check each order JSON/XML to find out if your shipping costs are accurate. You can only charge Cloudprinter.com with the shipping cost as mentioned in the order JSON/XML.
Something wrong with the shipping costs? Login in to your account and double check if there are any mistakes in the shipping costs in your Dashboard. In case you cannot resolve the issue on your own, feel free to contact our Print Partner Manager, yg@cloudprinter.com.