Full-stack Developer

Ukraine (Lviv)


Full-stack Developer

Ukraine (Lviv)

Join Cloudprinter.com and take part in the development of a fast-growing platform for automated print integration. Cloudprinter.com offers a number of API solutions for automated order processing, routing, status handling. 

We are searching for a full-stack developer for our app and integration team in Lviv, Ukraine. Development and maintenance of our Connected Apps, and integration to new external services at a fast pace. The Connected Apps can be anything from a microservice with a Vuejs front-end and Nodejs API back-end, to a plugin for an external platform. Every app and integration is different, so fast learning is key. 

We expect you to experience in most of these areas: 

  • Vue.js
  • Nodejs
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • OAuth
  • Git

We expect you to have worked 3+ years with full-stack development, have experience with larger applications, API integrations, authentication, testing, etc.

Working for Cloudprinter.com is more a lifestyle than a regular office job. We hate 5-9 and strict structures. We move fast and you have to be there when it happens. Our clients and partners are all around the world, so we work flexible hours. We expect you to be flexible and we give a high level of flexibility back.

You must be able to work from our office in Lviv, Ukraine, and in a close corporation with an experienced team-lead. We work on Git, Slack, Google Docs and so. You will mainly work with our teams in Lviv, but also teams in Denmark and The Netherlands.

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