The CloudPublish API.

The Unique Solution To Upgrade Your Publishing Business To Print On Demand On A Global Scale. One Single Service To Connect Your Publishing Applications To Hundreds Of Audited, Automated & Integrated Print Providers.

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automatic or custom routing

Automatic or Custom routing

Setup your ideal global print network in minutes to qualified and automated print partners via the Cloudprinter Dashboard or CloudPublish API. Build your own global print network just in hours. Use our automatic routing mode or select your preferred print partners in the specific markets
live production signals

Live production signals

Benefit from live production signals that can be integrated into your publishing, CRM or e-commerce platform to keep your customers, wholesalers or partners up to date about the real-time production & shipping status.
live quoting

Live Quoting

With printing in 144 countries, we provide you with local shipping methods in many countries. For each title or order combination, the CloudPublish API provides you with live and actual product price and shipping quotes. Easy to integrate into your application, shopping cart or sales proposal app.
freedom in size and format

Freedom in size and format

No need anymore to limit your book trim sizes and paper options to the requirements of your current print partner, distributor or Wholesale & POD partner. We offer more trim sizes and paper options than any other solution in the world.
secure & anti-fraud

Secure & Anti-Fraud

Our cloud-based API platform is running in multiple locations around the world to make sure you are always in compliance with any applicable regulations. Second, print jobs submitted to our print partners are tacked and encrypted to avoid fraudulent actions.

always print actual content

Always print actual content

Once you have created your title catalog, you can manage versions, update titles and avoid sending an outdated book for print & shipment to the local print partner.
isbn based

ISBN based

Use ISBN as the identifier when placing orders. When a title is created and uploaded, it can be mapped to any of the available trim sizes and product options to make sure the book is fulfilled wherever in the world in the same look and feel. A simple SKU system helps with the mapping.
one print file fits all

One print file fits all

PDF validation and normalization for outputting files to printers. Our Print API automatically adds barcode, crop marks, and order data. No need to adjust templates or PDF's anymore for a specific printer

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