What Cloudprinter can offer your business

What Cloudprinter.com can offer your business
Reach hundreds of customers with only one integration

How to generate business through Cloudprinter.com quick and easy

What we offer your business

Easy and flexible integration

Easy and flexible integration

Connecting your existing software to Cloudprinter.com is an easy task as our API is designed to fit the structure of most common software and standards like EDI.
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Open up your business globally without sales effort

Open up your business
globally without sales effort

A network with hundreds of customers are waiting for your services, you only need to provide them an offer they can’t refuse!
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All standard features available for free

All standard features
available for free

We provide all standard features for Print Partners completely free as a sign that we are not trying to get in between buyer and seller.
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We make it easy for printers to join our network

The 6 steps of our Print Partner Program

Step1. Pricing Level

Step 1. Pricing Level

As a start we will ask you to provide your pricing on a set of products that will fit your business.
Based on the pricing you provide we will compare and provide feedback on how you will do in our network.

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Step 2. Company Data

Step 2. Company Profile

You are requested to provide some data about your company in our back-end.
With this data we build your Company Profile, which plays a big role in our routing protocols.

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Step 3. Shipping Options

Step 3. Shipping Options

Enable the shipping carriers and services that your company uses and provide pricing for it.
Available shipping options are a key part of the routing algorithms.

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Step 4. Mutual Agreement

Step 4. Mutual Agreement

We have set up a standard mutual agreement for all our print partners to protect each others interests.
We don’t like too much fuzz, so we have tried to keep it basic and not too complex.

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Step 5. Implement API

Step 5. API Implementation

It this point all lights are green in our system!
Of course you are free to start with the implementation before this point but we can only start testing if all data is available.

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Step 6. Product Testing

Step 6. Product Testing

To test your API we will send you a full order including files for production.
If the API is implemented correctly you are able to process the test order and send it to us to check the quality.

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Everything you want to know about our services for Print Partners

The top 3 most asked questions


You look like just another print buyer disrupting the market

Are we disrupting the market?
Yes, certainly!
We create a transparent and clear market for both our users and our providers.

Are we print buyers that only search for lowest pricing no matter what?
No, certainly not!
You are in charge of your pricing level and we expect you to know your local market best. We will guide you to enable you to receive jobs.


Do we have to deal with each unique user?

We don’t want you to take the risk of dealing with each unique customer in exotic countries far, far away.
That would stress your organization too much as well as raising the stakes and costs for you.

Let us worry about dealing with each of our users.


How will you rate our performance?

We rate your performance on a set of predefined KPI’s:
- First overall impression
- Package & Delivery quality
- Material quality
- Binding & Finishing quality
- Print & Color quality

We will place test orders on a regular basis at our own cost.

All results will have a direct impact on your rating in our network.

Want to know more about integration and our API?

Technical Documentation

Go straight to our Technical and API documentation to discover how you can connect to our network.

Especially developers will find this information helpful as it describes the conditions and methods to connect to our API.

Print Partner Documentation

Are you reaDY to join our network?

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Sure, you’re more than welcome!

We are always looking to expand our network of printers to tighten our coverage in every region.

Becoming a Cloudprinter.com Print Partner takes only 6 easy steps and you can start the process by signing up using the button below.

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