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Education Publishing on a Global Scale

Public and private universities, small colleges, preparatory schools of any level, education consultants, educational publishers and any education oriented governmental institutions are all in the need of high quality, affordable printed material to educate and attract children, students, professionals or other individuals of any kind, with their wisdom, message or knowledge.
Creating educational books, papers, exams or reports is one thing, but getting them printed and delivered to your address is another, often head-aching, operation.

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The Global Challengein Educational Publishing

Contacting printers, discussing volume and pricing, and integrating with their workflow is time-consuming and complex. These are acts that you do not want to worry about, if your main concern is to communicate with or educate your students.
From the smallest publishers of educational brochures to the largest multi-campus universities, every organisation is subject to his own budget and planning, making pricing an essential part of the process.
We at understand the distinguished needs of the education industry, and the importance of high quality material and a fair price.

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The Global Print Solution.

The platform and team are happy to help you to print & distribute your educational material around the corner or at the other side of the world in a smart, eco-friendly and cost efficient way.
We provide a wide range of products that might just be suited for your organisation: textbooks in black-and-white or full-color, pens, flyers, folders, notebooks, brochures or letterheads. All of those products are available in 50+ finishes, formats and paper types.
In addition, print pricing at is transparent and not based on your volume. You benefit directly from our network volume at all of our audited and qualified print partners.
Our plug-and-play applications connect you in a simple & intuitive way to 150+ print partners worldwide, in more than 100+ countries. And with more than 50 connected local & global couriers, you are always sure that you profit from the best and most affordable shipping options to any address in the world.
For educational publishers, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind Print API. This system lets you source your print products in an automated and smart way. The system can return more than 20 different status notifications, as well as it grants you access to various routing profiles and a unique dashboard online.

What we offer: global print & ship fulfilment to meet the needs of your business exactly on point
Full network mode & global reach


We have connected 150+ printers in over 100 countries worldwide to serve your needs on a global scale.

500+product templates


More than 500 products available in plenty of paper types, finishes and formats to suit your needs.

User-friendly dashboard


You have access to your personal online dashboard to manage of orders, invoices and more.

Smart ai local routing algorithm


All orders are routed using a Smart Routing Algorithm to find the nearest printer that meets your specs.

secure & anti-fraud (1)


Print jobs submitted to our print partners are tacked and encrypted to avoid fraudulent actions.

reducing co2 emissions (3)


By always printing as local as possible, we help you to lower transportation distances to a minimum.

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