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The Global Print API from Cloudprinter has been awarded as one of the promising revolutions and disruption in the print industry. With one single API integration, our customers connect and route print jobs to local print providers all over the world. Our customers contain web2print providers, publishers, and Fortune 500 companies.

All our cloud-based solutions running either in docker containers or on EC2 instances. High scalability, high performance and time to market are our key factors.

We are searching for a frontend developer for Core UI and App UI. Development and maintenance of our admin console, and integration to new external services via our Connected Apps solution. 

We are based in The Cloud, Heusden (Netherlands) and Aarhus (Denmark). We currently have an open job position for an Front end UX UI designer/developer.

We expect you to experience in most of these areas:

  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Backbone
  • Sass
  • Webpack
  • Coffeescript,
  • Jquery
  • Git
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Flexgrid
  • oAuth2
  • TDD
  • CI-CD
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign

We expect you to have worked 2+ years with frontend development, have experience with larger javascript applications, API integrations, authentication, testing etc.

Working for is more a lifestyle than a regular office job. We hate 9-5 and strict structures, We move fast and you have to be there when it happens. Our client and partners are all around the world, so we work flexible hours. We expect you to be flexible and we give a high level of flexibility back.

You must be able to work from home and our office in Heusden, The Netherlands. We work on Git, Skype, Google Docs and so on, so no local office access is required. You will mainly work with our teams in Denmark and The Netherlands.

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