Which payment options are available?

As a global platform, Cloudprinter.com offers different payment methods to satisfy each customer's needs.  This article helps find the best payment options for customers.

The first payment method that customers can use is a CREDIT CARD. 

When an active credit card is added to an account, the funds are deducted from the account automatically for each order. For new or beginning customers, Cloudprinter.com recommends customers choose this method of payment for their orders since it is the simplest payment method. Instructions on how to add this type of payment are included in the link.

There are other payment methods for established customers, where they can also make a BANK TRANSFER or DEPOSIT RESERVATION.

Both these options have to be agreed upon first with a regional manager.

BANK TRANSFER or INVOICING are considered post-payments, where managers send an invoice for orders which are done once per month and customers must pay the relevant invoice within the indicated time in the agreement. Actual credit account balances are available in the Cloudprinter.com dashboard.


The last payment method is DEPOSIT RESERVATION.

The initial Deposit Level is set by Cloudprinter.com using the information provided by the customer, regarding his anticipated initial use of the Services, which Cloudprinter.com offers upon entering an agreement between both parties.

If the Deposit drops below the then-current level for further invoicing customer`s orders, Cloudprinter.com notifies the customer to transfer the required funds into the account as is necessary to bring the Deposit inline to continue normal work.

The invoice currency will be Euro (EUR) unless otherwise requested and could be switched into Dollars (USD). In that case, contact the regional manager or customer support team via email or chat. Customer support works 24/7 and can be called at any convenient time. 

In the Cloudprinter.com dashboard, keep track of invoices, cash flow, and all information regarding accounts and transactions.

The new Credit account is now available on the dashboard.