Where to find your personal API key in the Dashboard?

Setting up your integration or testing JSON requests in Postman? You will need to use your personal API key in that case. Find out here where to find this key.

Your API key is the unique identifier for your organization within the Cloudprinter.com platform. Requesting quotes, placing orders, or cancellation of orders is done using this key. The API key is always written down in the first line of your JSON requests.

In this article, we describe step-by-step how to locate your API key and how to create new API interfaces. Additional API interfaces can be convenient for testing or development.

  1. Login to your account on admin.cloudprinter.com. Now head to CloudCore Admin. Note, to have access to the CloudCore Admin, your must be on the Print API product plan.
  2. In the CloudCore Admin, find in the menu on the left your CloudCore API interfaces. This is where all of your keys are managed.
  3. In the CloudCore API interfaces overview, you will find the Autogenerated API interfaces that we've created for you to get started. In the right corner, you can choose to create a new interface if you want. If not, click the API interface for which you would like to retrieve the API key.
  4. Great, found it. As illustrated below, your API key is situated here. Click Click to copy to copy your API key. You can now paste the key in your code or in Postman.

Having trouble finding your key or creating new interfaces? Don't hesitate to contact us at support@cloudprinter.com or start a chat at our website!