The Web-Admin: what you need to know before you start.

No matter what service or application you are using, you have access to an online web administrator that allows you to configure your account settings and that provides you with an overview of all your interactions with

You can find the web admin at Log in with your account to get access to your personal Dashboard. Troubling logging in? Find out how to recover your password.  

Current login screen

The Dashboard consists of a number of important features. Each feature is numbered in the image. You will find instructions on each of them accordingly below.  

1. Until you activate a Payment Method that fits your needs, the Dashboard will show a yellow bar telling you that your account is not capable yet of placing real orders. In sandbox mode, there are no restrictions to the use of the Dashboard - however, you cannot place live orders. Find out more here on how to add a Payment Method here.

2. You only need one single account for your organization to make use of all the different services that we are offering. Here you can configure the settings for your company. 

1. Here you can edit your contact email address and your invoicing information. Always remember to click save after you edited one of the fields. In addition, this page shows your current subscription level.

In My Organisation (indicated by 1.), you can change your own Product Plan and Service Level. Always remember to save your changes. Before you can change your Service Level to a paid version, you need to have a Payment Method configured first. More information on our Service Levels can be found here.

2, 3 - Accounts are the core of the Cloudprinter system configuration. You can have multiple accounts, for example one for live orders, one for test orders and one for development. Multiple accounts can share share the same product, option, shipping and routing configuration. Only the organisation administrator can add/delete accounts.
4. Each account can have multiple users. Users can be given different access on all or only a number of accounts. The organisation administrator can create users for the persons that need access to the different accounts in your organisation. Each user can have different roles on the different accounts.
5. Here you can add your payment method. This payment method will be used to charge the subscription fees from, but also to pay for actual orders. Find out more here on how to add a Payment Method.
6. Here you will find a list of all your invoices. Each month a new subscription invoice is created automatically. In addition, every time you place a live order, your invoice is added in this overview. You can export invoices as PDF for internal use.

3. This button links instantly to your invoice overview, as discussed in 2.6 above.

4. This link guides you to an aggregated overview of all of your orders. You will find information on the status, sizes, prices, or delivery addresses of your orders. You can filter your orders on different levels. 

5, 6. These links redirect you to this knowledge base. In our knowledge base, you will find answers to most of your questions. Is your question not answered yet? Get in contact with our Customer Success team, they are happy to help.

7. On the home screen of your Dashboard you find a quick real-time overview of your interactions with Cloudprinter. Instantly, you will get to know what the status is of your orders today and up until now.

8. Business or Enterprise API users will need to use this CloudCore Admin to administrate their API configuration. Use this admin to set up webhooks, create products or profiles and view all product and shipping options. The CloudCore Admin also includes a Price Checker and order overview of orders placed using the API.