Shipping and Production Times

Learn how to set the expectation for your customers upfront, by understanding how long the fulfillment process takes globally.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) helps businesses reduce carbon emissions anywhere in the world by producing and shipping locally. This makes it easy to sell anywhere worldwide, in a cost-efficient, and sustainable way. We even standardized the production and shipping service level agreements worldwide. You can estimate delivery timeframes based on fulfillment and shipping, and add that to your shop.


Productions SLA

The most complex product in our platform has a max production service level agreement of 4 business days.

Visit our webpage to know SLA for our products 


Shipping SLA

As for the shipping, you can sometimes choose between 4-5 different shipping carriers and methods. With 70+ connected carriers, there is always a proven solution for local delivery. Integrate instant shipping pricing in your shopping cart. You can choose from the following shipping methods:

  • Postal 3-15 days (No track & Trace)
  • Ground Express 3-7 days (Track & Trace)
  • Saver Express 2-5 days (Track & Trace)
  • Fast Express 1-2 days (Track & Trace) 

Realtime Shipping Status

Stay updated with our shipping notifications. Get them via email with your account, or as Signals from our Print API. Notifications are easy to integrate with your platform or via our connected apps to your customers.


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