Service Level

Which Service Level suits my needs best? In this article you can find out which service subscription level would be best for you and your business

On this webpage, you can find our Product Plans & the three Service Level subscription plans that we offer, each with its own pricing and features.

Product Plans

We offer two different kinds of interaction with our Global Print Network: (connected) applications in our Print Cloud & integration via our Global Print API.

Our own applications, or connected apps, such as Express, are made to get you live and printing within minutes. Most of the time it only requires you to create an account, and download & install the application. That's it. Our (connected) apps all make use of our own AI Smart Local Routing algorithm, have a pre-defined range of 200+ print products to choose from, and enable you to manually order print products.

If you are interested in our (connected) applications, have a look at the Print Cloud plan. The Print Cloud is available in the Starter level at no charge.

Whereas (connected) applications are ready to go, the API requires you to integrate and do some development work on your side. Despite this, our API allows you to offer your print-on-demand product in almost every country across the world without any surprises in buying prices or the need to choose the print provider, all in an automated way. The Print API routes the order automatically to the nearest qualified print-on-demand partner within seconds after placing to order. As an API user, you can request more than 42 live signals from our platform and integrate this real-time into your own App, Web2Print platform, or Application. For more information on our Print API plan, have a look at this page

You can make use of our Print API without limitations in the Starter service level for free.

Service Levels

What would be the best (paid) subscription level for you depends on the kind of desired interaction with, product range, volume, and other specific arrangements. There can be financial reasons as well as non-financial. Let us first focus on non-financial reasons.

Non-financial reasons

Non-financial reasons include the desire for some kind of technical support or for custom routing profiles, custom products that are only available for your business, and custom pricing.

Our Business service level includes the opportunity to ask the team for help in your integration and testing, as well as in building the right PDF files and setting up custom routing profiles.

Our Enterprise subscription makes a lot more possible. Our Development team will be at your service to customize your interaction with Cloudprinter fully to your own demands. It will no longer be required to make use of our Smart Local Routing algorithm for example, as you will be able to select print partners in each region to your own taste. Enterprise is the solution that gives you the freedom to have your private, tailor-made Print Cloud, with customized templates that are not in our standard catalog.

For more information on the Enterprise subscription, do not hesitate to book a meeting with our Customer Success team.

More information on all features that are provided in our Service levels can be found on this page.

Financial reasons

At Cloudprinter we charge our customers two different types of fees: subscription fees and job fees. Below you will find an overview of these fees for each subscription level.

Additionally, we explain how you should determine the subscription level that is the most lucrative for your business - a financial reason to tailor your service level.

Starter: subscription fee €0/month & job fees €2.50 + €0.25*(#units).

Business: subscription fee: €199/month & job fees €1.50 + €0.15*(#units).

Enterprise: subscription fee starting from €999/month & job fees €1.50 + €0.15*(#units) or depending on your volume (lower for high volume clients).


Let us focus on the job fees difference between Starter and Business/Enterprise subscriptions. For a more detailed example of how we calculate job fees, have a look at this example.

Now, we can do the math.

If we assume that an average order consists of 10 units, the total job fee for Starter clients will equal €5.00 (€2.50 + 10*€0.25), whereas the total fee per such job at the Business level equals €3.00 (€1.50 + 10*€0.15) - hence a difference of €2.00 is generated here.

However, you are facing a monthly subscription fee of €199 instead of €0 - a €199 difference. Dividing those numbers means that you will be better off subscribing to the Business subscription if you expect to place more than 99 orders each month (approximately 4-5 each day).

If you are interested in our products and the corresponding unit sizes, you will find that information here.