Product price sheet Commercial Products Guide

After having benchmarked some initial product pricing we will share with you our full price list. We need you to complete these product prices in full.

We have created a price spread-sheet for Print Partners which can be filled out and be reused ever.

Below we will explain how this spreadsheet is built up and how you can complete it.

  • The first page of this spreadsheet is a guide explaining how to fill out this spreadsheet. Column B (black arrow) is the description of the 4th line on each page. The other pages in the spreadsheet are specific products e.g.: brochures, Flyers, Folder, etc.
  • The commercial items are build up in 2 steps, a base price ( 1 flat fee/ start-up fee) and a paper+print price per set.

Business cards start with a minimum quantity of 100 cards plus sets of 50 cards extra.

Flyers start with a minimum quantity of 25 plus sets of 25 extra

Folders (except 1 size, which is prices from 1 pcs) start with a minimum quantity of 25 plus sets of 25 extra

Letterheads start with a minimum quantity of 250 pcs plus sets of 250 pcs extra.

Envelope start with a minimum quantity of 500 pcs plus sets of 500 pcs extra

Business cards

  • Base price is the setup price for 100 business cards.

  • Paper finish gloss/matt is mostly included in the paper price just mark G/M if both available

  • Lamination gloss/matt (and if available silk and UV coating) is priced per 50 cards

  • Main papers 250gsm #100 - 300 gsm #110 - 350gsm #130 - 400gsm #150

  • Descriptions paper abriviations : 

  • ECB = Product paper - Gloss coated graphical board (250ECB)

  • OFF = Product paper Offset

  • ESB = Product paper Silk Coated Board

Flyers and Folders

Flyers and folders are priced with a base price a flat fee for setting up the minimum quantity.

Minimum. quantity for flyers and folders are 25 pcs and per sets of 25 pcs extra.

Paper finish gloss and matt are included in the paper pricing in both flyers and folders.

Lamination (40 microns) can be priced per 25 pcs.

Letterheads and envelopes

Envelopes and letterheads are priced per 500 and 250 pcs and extra sets of 500 and 250 

We have different paper options available :

90gsm - 60lbs text/offset

100gsm - 70lbs text/offset

120gsm - 80lbs text/offset


Envelopes have an unspecified or commercial flap both are excepted unless otherwise indicated.

Price is set as a set price for the first 500 pcs and additional prices for the next 500 set.

Letterheads :

For all products, we need the SLA - production time and cut off time 

For the Guide to Brochure and Books items please click here: Guide to Brochure and Books product pricelist

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If a product or a product specification is not available please send an email to with the details and our technical department will adjust the form.