Product price sheet Brochure and Books Guide

After having benchmarked some initial product pricing we will share with you our full price list. We need you to complete these product prices in full.

We have created a price spread sheet for Print Partners which can be filled out and be reused every time something changes. We as Cloudprinter will update this spreadsheet with new products every time. When we do, you will receive an updated spreadsheet so you can decide if you want to include these new products in your production. The spreadsheet has a unique reference e.g.: Correct Printers RFP full price list 6.0.0 -Pricelist

You can rename the spreadsheet by adding your company name and a version e.g.: Correct Printers RFP full price list 6.0.0 -Pricelist Test-Cloudprinter V1.

This way when you send the spreadsheet back to us we can always find the correct information back.

Below we will explain how this spreadsheet is build up and how you can complete it.

  • The first page of this spreadsheet is a guide explaining how to fill out this spreadsheet. Column B (black arrow) is the description of the second line on each page. The other pages in the spreadsheet are specific products e.g.: Brochure, Flyer, Folder etc.
  • In this picture, we are on the next page in the spreadsheet namely: Brochure. Here you find the names explained in the GUIDE in line 4 of the price sheet
  • In the next picture you can see that from column U (green-shaded) onwards you can fill out your prices.
  • In column V we need you to fill out the maximum number of pages you can produce in a Brochure
  • In column W (base-price cover + binding excl. pages.) you can put in a base price for a cover and binding this includes the cover paper, cover finishing (gloss/matt finish) and the print, excl. pages.
  • Column AA-AG only needs to be marked with X if available or N/A if not available. If the cover paper is more expensive then the default option 200MCS you can add an additional price. 

Column AJ-AQ you can price the paper prices, per 1pp ( for A4 1 sheet is 2pp ) 

The Brochure starts with a minimum of 8 pages 

For all books, photobooks, textbooks black and white and full colour

  • we need the minimum and the maximum number of pages. (preferably for books 20/24 min number of pages to 500 + maximum number of pages)
  • we need a base price for the Cover + binding excl. pages, this includes cover paper (for Hardcover the cardboard and the cover paper 130mcg for Softcover Cover paper 250gsm Gloss coated graphical board (250ECB) ), the cover finish (gloss or matt) and the binding.
  • For the book block, we need the pricing per 1 pp, for example, a book A4 of 100 pages is 50 sheets.


  • Important note: please only fill in the green shaded fields in the spreadsheet and do not change any other fields. This spreadsheet is filled with formulas so it can be uploaded directly in our dashboard.

For all products, we need the SLA - production time and cut off time 

For the Guide to Commercial items please click here: Guide to commercial product pricelist

For the Guide To Wall Deco items please click here: Guide to Wall deco product pricelist

If a product or a product specification is not available please send an email to with the details and our technical department will adjust the form.