Print proof samples with Quick Order

You can order test samples to check the quality before printing a full run. To do this, use the Quick Order tool.

1. Log into your Quick Order account.


2. Go to tab Create a new order.

 Choose the product, set up the options, and the required amount for your order. Give your order a unique reference and press the Next button.

3. In the next step, fill in the address of the person that will receive this product.


5. On this screen, you can upload your PDF files or insert a link for your print job.

In these articles, you can find instructions on how to design your product and templates for each product you want to be printed 


6. Check if your information is correct and select a shipping method.

To place your order, please select Live mode (Sandbox mode is our testing environment).


7. You ordered proof samples. 

To get more information please check your mailbox or you can check the status on the page with the List of orders