How to create your product in Shopify?

The product on your website needs to be connected with one of the templates in the app.

1. Open the App tab in the admin and click on the Cloudprinter app.

2. Choose the "Products tab" and press the "Link product" button.

3. On this page, press Choose a product to link.


4. For your convenience you could type “NOT linked” and unlinked products would be shown there. Mark the right one and press Add.

5. Now you turned back and need to choose Cloudprinter Product Category from the list. You should set your product, quantity, type of paper, and other options.


6. After that, you should configure the print product files in PDF format. You can set the link to the file or upload it.

7. Set the Number of Pages (if needed).

8. To calculate the price of the product with shipping choose the Country from the list. If everything suits you press Save.


Well done!

Your product was created successfully and linked with