How to change your Product Plan?

Clients can push orders to our Global Print Network in two ways. Via an API integration or via one of the connected Apps. To keep things simple and to keep the Dashboard organized, we offer those products in two different Product Plans.


On our website, you can learn all about the different Product Plans that we offer. 

The Print Cloud gives access to Cloudprinter Express and all of our connected applications, while Print API grants access to your API interfaces and web-hooks, our SDKs, as well as Postman, and more, to help you set up your integration.

When you register for an account, you need to choose between one of these Product Plans. However, if you want to change your Product Plan after a while, you can do this very easily yourself. In this article, we describe step-by-step how to change your product plan. 

  1. Go to and login to your personal dashboard. When logged in, head to Administrate.

  2. Now, choose Edit organization details.

  3. In this window, you can find your current Product Plan as depicted below. To change the plan, click the arrow in the corner, select the new plan that you wish to have in the future & click Save.

    Please note! Your change will take effect immediately. This means that the Apps displayed in the Marketplace will now correspond to your new Product Plan. Also, you will now see a new Admin manage your interactions with

Do you want to use both Product Plans? We are working hard to create a bundle to make this possible! In the meanwhile, are you in the need of using both the Print Cloud & Print API product plans? Let us know! We can manually activate both plans for your organisation. Contact us at or start a chat at our website!